Over the last decade and a half, New York has transformed into a full-fledged cycling haven. Today, there is no faster or more joyous way to navigate the city streets than on a bicycle. As of 2017, the city had 1,133 miles of bike routes and 425 miles of protected bike lanes throughout an ambitiously evolving network. The Citi Bike share program also continues to grow, with 750 stations and 12,000 bikes now in the fleet.

Whether it’s commuting to work, grabbing a Citi Bike in lieu of the subway, or choosing a route for a long weekend ride, New Yorkers have fallen in love with two-wheeling. The Astor’s residents will find themselves living in the finest condominiums on the Upper West Side, a neighborhood that is quite friendly to two-wheeled commuters, cruisers, and road riders alike.

Commuters Riding your bike to work is a wonderful way to kick-start your day and get some useful cardio in nice and early. There are bike lanes all over the Upper West Side, and plans are in motion to expand them dramatically, clearing the way for protected bike paths that will connect with Midtown West, and make Columbus Circle a safer environment for cyclists. Having the option to hop on a bike and enjoy the breeze on the way to work is a great choice to diversify your UWS commute.

You can find the right bikes and gear and get essential repairs at nearby Master Bike Shop and Bicycle Renaissance. As an additional bonus, The Astor offers on-site bike storage to make your bike trips as effortless as possible.

Cruisers So, the sun is shining, and you feel the urge to hop on a bike and cruise around a bit— maybe ride over to Riverside Park, perhaps meet your friends for brunch nearby—but you don’t own a bike—that is not a problem. The Upper West Side is home to 39 Citi Bike locations, meaning you are never far from a cruiser.

You can ride at a gentle pace around Central Park to soak in the sun and some of the sights (the pond, the mall, Bethesda Terrace, and Strawberry Fields) or drop off the bike on one side, stroll through the park, and pick up another bike on the other side. You can also make the regular exploration of science a part of your routine by taking advantage of the many convenient Citi Bike stations near the American Museum of Natural History. Going for a ride is also a wonderful way to give your visiting relatives or friends from the outer boroughs a tour of your home turf.

Road Riders For more intensive road cyclers, The Astor is equidistant from two of the largest green havens/road rider destinations in the city: Riverside Park and Central Park. In Central Park, there are more advanced, hilly 6.1-mile and 5.2-mile routes, as well as many shorter, flatter ones. Many cyclists rotate between routes in order to create a dynamic long ride of 30-50 miles, all in the park. There is an extensive cycling community in Central Park, including several bike groups and organizations, so it’s easy to meet experienced riders.

Meanwhile, Riverside Park offers beautiful flat coastal riding that extends for miles to the north and south. Thanks to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, you can ride along the water all the way from the bottom to the top of Manhattan.

For The Astor’s road riders, having these two premiere parks nearby makes a long weekend ride incredibly accessible and exhilarating. When it comes to fitness, accessibility and fun are everything.

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