One of the primary reasons NYC is such a desirable place to live is its abundance of landmark cultural institutions. The city is filled with true havens for the arts that have been thriving for over a century as well as newer additions that have diversified the scene. Within Manhattan itself, one would be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood as storied and respected as the Upper West Side. And centrally positioned within close distance to the world-famous performing art spaces and more intimate and unique venues of the UWS, The Astor has long been a part of this most venerable of Manhattan neighborhoods. Residents of the newly updated luxury condos at The Astor fully appreciate the institutions that surrounds them, including:

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall has been known as one of the most prestigious concert halls on the planet for decades. We’ve all likely heard the adage, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice, practice practice.” As possibly the most famous music venue in the world, Carnegie Hall takes great care in choosing the artists that perform on its legendary stage. While primarily featuring famed classical and contemporary musicians, Carnegie Hall also occasionally hosts comedians and other live performers as well. A trip though the hallowed halls and into the massive and gorgeous auditorium is an experience unto itself—and that’s without even mentioning the world- class talent on the stage.

Lincoln Center

In 1962, another iconic NYC institution ‒ Lincoln Center ‒ opened to the public, further bolstering the Upper West Side’s artistic acclaim. Lincoln Center is a space where elegance and high art coalesce to form a profoundly enchanting atmosphere that all but guarantees a memorable evening. And while the center is made up of an entire complex, its three noted concert halls are the Metropolitan Opera House, David Geffen Hall, and the David H. Koch Theater. For a sophisticated evening of opera or classical music, Lincoln Center is one of the world’s premier venues. As one ascends the stairs and reaches the flowing fountain that centers the outdoor space between the three theaters, the glow of each auditorium beautifully illuminates the square, setting the ideal mood for an appreciation of what’s to come.

Beacon Theatre

Since opening its doors in 1929, the Beacon Theatre has become one of the most well-known venues in New York. Initially constructed as a combination live venue and movie theater, its Old World extravagance has a certain inimitable charm. The Beacon’s original and majestic Art Deco design remains intact for the most part, and the overall aesthetic immediately transports a ticket holder into the far-more-opulent past. While the Beacon ‒ like other venues on this list ‒ is worth a visit regardless of the show it’s hosting, the top-notch performances here are always worth attending.

Symphony Space

Perhaps not quite as well known as the others on this list, Symphony Space is a spectacular performing arts venue that offers some of the more unique and intriguing shows in the area. Known for hosting incredible jazz and classical performances as well as many film premieres, contemporary musical performances, and a myriad of other events, Symphony Space is decidedly more intimate than its larger neighbors. The feeling of community one gets when attending a show here is consistently enhanced by the quality of the performances on tap.